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Workshops are a place where you can learn valuable skills to find your true happiness and joy while conquering fears. Most workshops are held in Oakland or Half Moon Bay, CA.

Dates and times of future workshops (topics vary):

01/21/2018 (Today) - Positive Transformations Workshop

Join Us for Group Healing with
Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT)
for Positive Transformations

To Achieve: Peace & Well-being by...

*Group Healing with EFT Techniques
*Clearing out the Negative Patterns
*Co-Create Our clear Intentions
*Shift our Consciousness to Peace, Harmony, Love
     & Connectedness
*Group Affirming Affirmations Together to Co-Create
     our Desires (Happier Life! More Joy! Self Love!,
     Self Worth)

Date: Sun., Jan 21st, 2018; 2:30- 4:30 PM (or 5PM)

Place: 6121 Buena Ventura Ave
Oakland Ca 94605 (Kimberly House)

Love donation $25.00

Contact Kimberly at 510-387-5019  to reserve your

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  1. Positive Transformation - January 2018