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Dear Kimberly,

I just wanted to truly thank you for the sessions I did with you. It's helped me so much I can't even begin to tell you. That EFT process was one of the most powerful and life-changing experiences I ever experienced. I have been to psychologists you name it...and NOTHING was as powerful and effective as that EFT process you did. I just wanted to take time to thank you for all your help and guidance. You truly are a special person with a "gift" to help people. I have been to so many different seminars, "processes" etc...but this was by far and away the BEST...

Once again, thank you so much for all your help. I will most definitely recommend you to my friends. You're the best.



To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to share my recommendation of Kimberly Bauer.

First, let me say that Kimberly is a genuine, loving, and compassionate human being. She has many special gifts to share with people. I believe that many people need to learn how to relax and participate more fully in their health and well-being. A relaxation session with Kimberly, in my opinion is an ideal way to learn, experimentally, how easy it can be to reduce stress. She has the ability to teach people how to gain control over their minds and bodies. The techniques she teaches are simple, easy to access and remember.

Kimberly and I met two years ago. I invited her to conduct relaxation sessions for our students in Jefferson Union High School District. I witnessed how she transformed the youth into attentive, empowered beings with a new sense of calm and hope. To some, more important than the experience of relaxation, was learning a simple technique that could help them deal with stress in a more positive and healthful way.

The amount of stress that we all must endure is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Most of us spend a great deal of time at work or at school, or both; so it makes good sense to provide services that support well being and productivity in those settings.

I highly recommend investing time and money in contracting with Kimberly bauer.


Nancy Eagan, District Coordinator: Tobacco Use Prevention Education
Jefferson Union High School District
Daly City, California

Dear Kimberly,

I write to thank you for your presentation to our eighth grade class on stress reduction. Your presence was thoughtful and the relaxation techniques you taught were helpful.

The information you gave the class was meaningful to their specific age group. The class benefited from the assistance you offered that addressed their personal experiences. Specifically, the students who complained of headaches and back pain reported that the techniques you explained were useful.

The stress reduction techniques you demonstrated on the class were well received! They particularly found useful the "breathe in gold light" technique you taught.

In addition, I was impressed by your willingness to offer assistance on your own time to an individual student in need after the presentation ended. You continue to demonstrate your genuine commitment to reaching out to individuals who may profit from supportive services.

Thank you for your time and the valuable information you shared with our eighth grade students. I look forward to consulting with you in the future>


-Stephanie Dowd, M.A., School Counselor

Working with Kimberly using EFT has illuminated my anxieties and fears due to intense pressures at my job. Three minutes of tapping and I am at peace and focused ready to move forward. it's a miracle to me!

- R.C.

Kimberly's training in EFT has helped me relieve my frustrations around my job anxiety and as an added bonus was that my back pain was gone! EFT has empowered me to achieve greater success and productivity in my career and line in all areas!

- C.D.

I have gone to many self-help training seminars, but the EFT with KImberly Bauer far exceeds all the workshops I have attended. This information has proven to be invaluable to me in my life.

I have used EFT to enhance my performance at my job in numerous areas. I have no more fears to make cold calls. I have no more fears to speak in front of large groups. I have a higher close ratio. I have much more self-confidence in building successful relationships in my career and personal life.

- Shirley Moore (Sales Consultant)

The results of using EFT is limitless and astonishing. EFT is very easy to lear and quick to apply and it only takes 3 minutes to apply to get wondrous results. I use it everyday now on all kinds of issues. For example: lack of focus, creative blocks, unleashing my imagination, and to better focus more energy more harmonious relationships. It's overwhelming what you can overcome with a little tapping! It's been a blessing to me in my life.

- Joy Terrell (Writer & Realtor)

During my EFT training with Kimberly my allergies were gone!!

- Candy Davis (Computer Programmer)

One session with Kimberly and my shoulder pain was gone. I had experienced pain for 2 years and nothing had given me relief. I was going to have an MRI.

- Tom Morris (Message Therapist)

I am happy to say that after one session with Kimberly, my knees are perfectly healed. Despite a diagnosis of arthritis. I make progress in every other area of my life too. EFT is such a gift!

- Alisa Moore (School Teacher)

Dear Kimberly,

I can't believe that I seem to have actually ended years of fear over any kind of musical performance. What an accomplishment this has been! I give you 100% of the credit and bless the day that I met you. It has absolutely changed my life.

- Roxanne

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you so much for helping me the other day with your wonderful talents! I really appreciate your care and kindness. And I feel that I have a great tool to use to help me pay attention to what is happening in my body. I hope to be able to help you in return by sending people your way.

With deep gratitude,

- Connie